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Emergency Roadside Assistance

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  • Technical Call Center Program
  • Accident Management & Cost Control Solution
  • Body Shop & Salvage Program
  • Preventive Maintenance Management Program
  • Warranty Tracking and Audit Program
  • On Site Maintenance Solution
  • Full Service Maintenance Program
  • Tire Management Program

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Email will be sent to the following email address(s) with assignment, metrics, updates and completion details. Phone will be for approvals and authorizations over set limits.

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Drivers will be notified via text message of the responding provider, ETA, and updates. TTN agents will capture driver phone during order entry. The question below is to determine if drivers are authorized to call in for services directly.

Your Driver

Invoices are sent electronically to the email specified below. If there are questions or issues with the account, the person listed will be the primary contact for resolution.

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Maintenance System

Current Roadside Assistance Solution

Tire Program

New accounts are enrolled in our tire program by default. Below are the primary, secondary, and tertiary tires used in our program. Once your account is active your dedicated client relations manager will contact you, and you'll be able to use your own national tire account or make any changes you want to these default settings.

  • Primary: Michelin
  • Secondary: BF Goodrich
  • Tertiary: Yokohama


New accounts are established with conservative authorization levels for any requested service. If any need for service exceeds these limits, TTN will seek approval before continuing. You'll have an opportunity to change these default settings once your account is active.

  • Repair/Tow: $750
  • Tires: 2 Tires

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Service Process Overview

  1. Call 24-hour breakdown number for service
  2. We will ask questions to determine best solution
  3. We select provider with the best service, rates and ETA
  4. Approval requested for estimates over limits
  5. Email sent to you with selected provider, ETA and best estimate for solution
  6. Text sent to your driver with response details
  7. We manage time, materials and ETA
  8. Updates emailed or texted to client and driver
  9. Following event, TTN receives, audits and sends final invoice to client for processing
  10. Active and historical details available on Live Web Portal