Our Phone Lines

Are Open.

When you outsource fleet services to us, you get better data and your drivers get immediate service.

We offer outsourced or white-labeled call center services, managing dispatch lines within spending limits and matching our response to your protocols.

We relieve pressure on our customer’s call centers by filling specific service needs, or we offer comprehensive call center services. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Full-service breakdown support with trained diesel technicians
  • Overflow call and peak-time handling
  • Night, weekend, and holiday coverage
  • Service writing
  • Private-label or branded call center assistance

Our call center services help clients avoid building their own provider networks or programs with inadequate data systems. By using our network and technical staff, clients benefit from our industry knowledge, proven notification process, and metrics management. We also offer branded reporting and web portal options to promote client programs.

Our services allow clients to provide North American service solutions where they don’t have equipment. Additionally, our clients can increase market share.

Our call center team includes fully trained customer service representatives and experienced diesel technicians who can address, diagnose and recommend solutions for on-the-road problems, towing and breakdowns. Using our team eliminates repair and breakdown calls from in-house lines and reduces wait-time for drivers.

Improve efficiency, better serve your drivers, and enhance driver retention with call center services from TTN Fleet Solutions. Call 1.800.825.4138.