Better Business


We help our customers reduce costs, increase productivity, strengthen processes, and improve driver retention.

The secret to our success is the strength of our network. We’re a united network of partners, dedicated to enhancing the performance of the customers we serve.

TTN is the market leader in assisting fleets with reducing on and off road repair expense, helping increase their maintenance coordinator’s effectiveness to reduce downtime, while supporting the fleets management team with exceptional reporting and industry benchmarking trends.

TTN Fleet Solutions clients have seen significant fleet growth in the last few years.  With new truck technology, they report increases in the number of events per asset and understand that the old “buy new to reduce maintenance cost” no longer applies. The overwhelming workload for TTN clients, was their biggest challenge. They were handling the workload with the same number or fewer coordinators than previous years. Most were failing to pick up driver calls quickly, did not have time to hold shops accountable for their promised completion times, did not have the resources or time to audit vendor invoices to make sure they were billing accurately, and whether equipment warranties applied.  After partnering with TTN Fleet Solutions, they have seen a reduction in overall costs, have increased visibility in fleet maintenance expense, fleet uptime metrics and improved driver moral

TTN Fleet Solutions maintains and manages a network of quality service providers that support the motor carrier and insurance industry. This allows us to offer quality fleet maintenance, warranty & dealership services, towing, emergency roadside and inspection services at extremely competitive rates, with a single call solution for all services throughout North America. We execute these services with exceptional communication between the fleet, their drivers and the service provider throughout every event.

TTN Fleet Solutions is a solution designed to save our clients time, resources and increase fleet utilization and visibility, while decreasing expense.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

With Fleet-Assist Emergency Roadside Assistance services, you gain a knowledgeable business partner who understands the needs of the trucking industry, as well as the ins and outs of the “over-the-road” breakdown, towing and recovery landscape.

TTN Fleet Solutions was designed for the industry to support it with breakdown and recovery cost reduction, improved productivity and increased driver satisfaction.  Our network of quality providers support road breakdown needs throughout North America, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our trained diesel technicians work with your drivers to identify the best repair option based on the complaints.  The TTN Fleet Solutions dispatch team assigns the right vendor, in the right location, for the right price and the right arrival times.  They’ll coordinate the entire service call from start to finish, to ensure your driver gets exactly what they need.

Accident & Recovery Services

Managed towing services result in significant savings to our clients. TTN Fleet Solutions selects the right service provider in that market to handle the job, manages them to ensure they meet the service needs and audits their invoice to ensure it matches the contractual pricing.

Keeping your costs down is our specialty. By proactively managing pricing up front and diligently auditing invoices afterwards, we are able to keep accident recovery expenses to a minimum.  To achieve these savings, we help manage accident scenes and monitor police towers. If possible, we even work with police dispatch to let us assign an in-network towing service; if this isn’t feasible, we’ll work with police towers and negotiate prices on your behalf.

We will get a list of equipment being used, people being dispatched and hourly rates so that our client knows exactly what to expect on their final invoice. After service has been performed, we’re able to carefully audit each invoice, checking it against the services requested, the time on the scene and the equipment utilized. This allows us to ensure each invoiced part, hour of labor and service is accounted for, so you don’t end up paying more than you should. If the invoice does not pass the audit, our trained recovery specialists will work with the service provider to adjust the invoice to match expectations or if necessary, we will recommend escalation strategies to our client if necessary.

Scheduled Maintenance Management

TTN Fleet Solutions encompasses the management and administration of all maintenance aspects, handled through third party vendors, for all types of commercial equipment using a proprietary fleet management system called Fleet-Assist.  The purpose of Fleet-Assist is to manage the vendor and the maintenance process, ensuring sound maintenance programs at every location nationwide. 

This includes verifying that providers are DOT/OSHA compliant and are held to the clients or TTN standards. Fleet records are updated along with reporting of information used for budgeting and forecasting of maintenance costs.  TTN Fleet Solutions selection process, management of service providers and maintenance practices enables our clients to see "where their money is going."  Each invoice is audited for accuracy and compliance. The Fleet-Assist program allows consolidated billing, interfacing with the customer's cost and warranty tracking system as well as multiple dollar level thresholds for users regarding estimates and approvals.

The TTN Fleet Maintenance program is a proactive system designed to maintain the safe and consistent operation of your vehicles, while monitoring economic efficiency. Our goal is to minimize downtime and keep your drivers on the road. 

Partnering with TTN Fleet Solutions as your fleet maintenance provider, allows you to focus on your core business.  Reduced time and resources spent on fleet management can result in significantly increased productivity and profitability.  TTN Fleet Solutions is in the business of fleet management and can meet or exceed all of your fleet maintenance needs in a more cost-effective manner, with lower rates, higher discounts with service and parts suppliers, as well as other maintenance related vendors.  With TTN Fleet Solutions as a maintenance partner, you receive the benefit of our strenuous review processes and incorporation of best practices in the industry, which continually adds value back in your business
TTN Fleet Solutions handles “all” maintenance for the unit.  TTN Fleet Managers take ownership of the unit and manage its care.  This encompasses all aspects of the unit’s care from securing the proper vendor at a reasonable rate, scheduling and tracking PM and inspections to be DOT/OSHA compliant and meet company standards, handling all nonscheduled (emergency) events, to auditing and VMRS coding of invoices.  Reporting with customer specific specifications is included in this service, as well as tracking warranty coverage.  We cover this unit’s maintenance from start to finish, no matter what happens to the unit.

Preventative Maintenance (PM), Inspections at the state and federal level, as well as daily driver write ups are entered, tracked and managed through the Fleet-Assist client portal with activity and execution to meet agreed upon standards by the assigned TTN Fleet Manager(s).  The TTN Fleet Manager schedules services (scheduled, unscheduled and emergency) with the customer, the assigned driver and the selected service provider.  The TTN Fleet Manager(s) track all milestones using the Fleet-Assist workflow manager until the event is completed, audited and ultimately invoiced to the client. 

The standard inspections vary based on the assets managed with each asset being assigned a vocation (Line Haul, Short haul, yard unit, etc.) and an equipment category (truck, trailer, utility, etc.)  Based on the vocation and the equipment code, a number of customized inspections are available to the client based on their needs, with either a best practices or client defined interval program.  Standard and customized inspections are available to meet the client’s specific needs.

White Label Call Center Solutions

Many TTN White Label clients own their own truck/trailer shops, road service technicians, tow trucks and more.  They are usually constrained by their markets, time of day or by availability.  They end up saying “NO” to their clients and allowing their competition and opportunity to service their client directly.  Others simply want to add additional services to supplement their existing services and feel that TTN’s network and service offerings make them more valuable for their existing client base.

By partnering with TTN Fleet Solutions, these clients have a means to offer an expanded service offering to their clients without having to invest in a call center and technology solutions.  They provide a single call number to their clients, where they handle the events that want and can while utilizing the TTN network in areas where they can’t.  In short, by partnering with TTN, they are always able to say “YES” to their clients and get the benefit of being a national level service solution to their clients. 

Not all TTN white label clients own assets, but for those that do, their assets get incorporated into the program and have first right of refusal for any work within the approved radius set by the client.  The most significant value in the program, other than cost savings using in-house labor, is the daily reporting back to management on their own assets compliance, to support their clients requests through daily TTN reports that share any refusals, unanswered phones, poor quality work, etc.