All of the Technology. None of the Investment.

Get FleetAssist, and you’ll never be in the dark again about what’s happening with a breakdown or a driver. From the moment FleetAssist is alerted to a maintenance event — until the moment your equipment is rolling again — you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your truck, your customers’ freight, and your driver. And if you’ve ever received a phone call about a driver broken down in the middle of the night in a town you’ve never heard of, then you understand the value of a provider network that can get to any driver, anywhere, in about 45 minutes or less.

FleetAssist puts everything you need in one place. There is no more efficient way to get drivers or assets back on the road, even when you can’t do it yourself.

Years of experience managing breakdown events has resulted in breakdown management workflow based upon best practices and designed to provide better service for you and your drivers. We’ll add discipline to your maintenance operations. You’ll have more and better visibility into processes, and you’ll collect better data on every breakdown event.

Finally, you’ll save money. With access to our national accounts, our purchasing power, and our proprietary invoice auditing processes, most customers save in excess of 15 percent on their breakdown spend.

Access to FleetAssist is free, or choose from one of our paid membership options for even greater benefits.

Breakdown Management. Done Right. For Less.

This one-minute demo shows how FleetAssist provides the industry’s smartest, easiest solution for managing unexpected events.