How the Program Works

Insurers offer roadside assistance policies with specific inclusions, exclusions, deductible amounts, and other rules for covered roadside events. When trucks breakdown anywhere in the U.S., policyholders call a toll-free, dedicated, heavy-duty roadside assistance phone number to ask for help.

TTN Fleet Solutions manages these events from start to finish.

Our agents confirm and explain coverage, collect deductibles, and then work directly with policyholders to manage towing and repair — collecting payments from policyholders, separately, for expenses not covered by insurance.

Benefits for Insurers and Policyholders

Even if coverage does not apply, we can help drivers and equipment owners get trucks back on the road.

HD Assist enhances brands and eliminates administration for commercial auto insurers, while policyholders benefit from nationwide service, a single point of contact, and high quality, expert roadside assistance.

Industry leaders rely on HD Assist. You can, too.

HD Assist will manage thousands of calls for heavy-duty roadside assistance, this year. It’s already in use and proven by leaders in the insurance industry. To add HD Assist to your toolkit, use the form to let us know you’re interested. A TTN Representative will get back to you within one business day or less.

Frequently Asked Questions