Dana McFletcher-Hubbard Promoted to Vice President, Quality Assurance

Dana McFletcher-Hubbard

ARGYLE, TEXAS — Todd Neiberger, President and Chief Executive Officer of TTN Fleet Solutions, announced today the promotion of Dana McFletcher-Hubbard to Vice President, Quality Assurance. Reporting directly to Neiberger, McFletcher-Hubbard will provide strategic leadership over in-house quality procedures, standards, and specifications. In addition, she will assess customer requirements against TTN processes and ensure requirements are met.

“Dana’s leadership experiences have led her to this position,” Neiberger emphasized. “It’s one thing to understand quality. It’s another thing to understand how quality processes and standards affect customers and to have the knowhow and capability to align how a company provides services with customer requirements. Dana has that experience, and she’s the right person to lead those efforts on behalf of TTN.”

McFletcher-Hubbard joined TTN in May 2018 as Regional sales manager and was later promoted to Director of Customer Service in January 2019. Since then, she has been responsible for leading the Client Experience team at TTN to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. In her new role, she will also lead the Training and the Vendor Relations teams to help optimize quality relationships with TTN employees, service providers and customers.

“I’m looking forward to making continued contributions to strategy, growth, and service excellence at TTN Fleet Solutions,” McFletcher-Hubbard said. “I joined this company because I could see its potential to create a competitive advantage for our customers with TTN’s emergency fleet maintenance solutions. And I’m pleased to have earned a role that will allow me to contribute to lead continuous improvement efforts and to lock-in those things that we know work well for us and our customers.”

McFletcher-Hubbard lives in Northlake, Texas with her husband, Carl Hubbard. She earned a Master’s degree in Business from Indiana University and has nearly 30 years of experience in emergency roadside services for the trucking industry.

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